Guiness World Record for Drifting Shattered with Easydrift

Guiness World Record for Drifting

On Friday February 15th at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, drift car racer Abdo ‘Dado’ Feghali in partnership with Red Bull, Chevrolet and Easydrift, set a new Guiness World Record for drifting. Feghali’s record breaking drift lasted over 10 minutes and covered 11.18 kilometers, dominating the previous world record, which stood at 5.8 km.

Drifting refers to a motor sport technique where the driver intentionally over steers. This causes a loss of traction in the rear wheels of the car. However, professional drifters have mastered maintaining control.

Experts question how Feghali conquered the world’s longest drift, since taking corners at high-speeds and maintaining a sideways skid causes tires to overheat. Feghali accredits his accomplishment to the Easy Drift System. His team used an ‘Easy Drift’ system, a mount that fits over the rear tires.  Feghali said, “Well that is our secret, we start burning that until the easy drift tires burst and then we continue on the normal tires.”

Feghali drove a stock Chevrolet Camaro SS fitted with Easydrift rings and whose only main upgrades include a hydraulic handbrake and KW suspension. The Easydrift System slides over tire and rim to reduce grip and to reproduce skid conditions. It is easy to install, easy to use, can be used under any weather conditions and enhances driving on rear, front, and all-wheel drive vehicles.

Louis Callard, owner of Easydrift USA believes, “When Alexander and I started the Easydrift adventure a couple years ago we were in unknown territory, today our path is quickly being paved, first with our success in Law Enforcement EVOC training and now in the motor sport world. We are confident that we’ll break many more world records”.

The world record is a testament to Easydrift’s durability and we are honored to partner with Red Bull and Chevrolet as sponsors for this Guinness World Record.


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